Patty's Watersports Boutique by George offers a unique selection of "fun in the sun" Products!
Our newest addition to our ever-expanding watersports boutique is "Stand-Up Paddle Boards", or SUPs.


"SUP" is the fast-growing sport of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. It's fun, an easy way to play on the water, and more importantly, it offers an amazing full-body workout!
So, stop by and experience the feeling of "Walking on water!"


Patty's Water Sports is an integral part of Boats By George and is a symbiotic relationship that began many moons ago. Boats By George has been offering premium boat brands and service on Lake George, New York, since 1982.

Boats By George has been growing ever since thanks to it's great service and well-earned loyal customers.

In 2005, after over 20 years of George shedding blood, sweat, and tears, George finally was able to purchase a Marina on Lake George.

The Marina on Lake George is called Boats By George "On The Lake". Previously, Boats By George had a Ship Store at is Showroom location with most everything customers needed, but being on the lake it made sense to have a wider focus for boating accessories and fun new products for our customers. Patty, George's wife, saw this opportunity to fill customers needs and seized on making the Ship Store a real "Water Sports Boutique." Since then we've tripled the size of inventory of O'Brien tubes, wakeboards, and water skis.

As mentioned above Patty has also added a new exciting product called Stand Up Paddle boards. SUP for short. These SUP boards are catching on all over the country, and the world for that matter. They offer a fun way to exercise, or just relax and see the sights on the water. Please contact us if you are interested in stand up paddle board lessons or rentals.

Patty has other products to go with this new fun sport and others too. Such as, Body Glove apparel, Ella Vickers recycled sail bags, Kiel James Patrick bracelets, GoVino wine glasses, SunCloud sunglasses, custom colored boat lines, and much more.