In 1952 Jack O'Neill invented the world's first wetsuit and O'Neill was born! By the end of the twentieth century, surfers were riding waves in some of the most remote cold-water corners of the world – places like Scotland, Tasmania and Canada – in the dead of winter. Today, O'Neill has the most hightech and functional wetsuits in the world, in different styles and colors for all ages. Our wetsuits are lighter, warmer, more insulating & dry quickly. From full wetsuits to spring wetsuits, from preschool to adult wetsuits, choose the wetsuit that fits your style and stay warm in the sometimes cold water.



Patty’s Watersports has a stylish & functional collection of O'Neill wetsuits for all shapes and sizes. The number one feature in a wetsuit is comfort. Whether you’re looking for a full body suit or a short sleeve rash guard, we’ve got you covered. If what you seek is missing from our inventory, we’ll order it for you right way. Our team is dedicated to help you acquire the right products.

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